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Schweppes ®  August 29, 2013 – 01:14
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Tin full of content

In yellow tin with classic design is written 350ml, as in any other tin. But just a simple search to see that in fact each can of Schweppes carries a giant content with nothing more, nothing less than 230 years of history. The first soft drink in the world stands by his touch bitter and sophisticated flavor, which crossed with elegance over two centuries and proved that the classic never really goes out of fashion.

Jacob Schweppe was a successful German jeweler who had chemistry as a hobby. Inspired by Lavoisier, began making studies involving gas and water in their spare time without much pretension. Then in 1783 came to the ideal formula of carbonated water that soon, began to be produced on a commercial scale and received the name of its creator with a small adjustment at the end, which refers to the sound of its effervescence: Schweppes.

As might be expected, Schweppes was a success and a few years after Jacob left Switzerland and their jewelry in order to bet on a product far more valuable to him: Schweppes Soda. He moved to London, where he opened the first factory coolant in 1798. At the time, Schweppes had a pretty innovative packaging, with a bottle of green glass oval and embossed name. If anyone had doubt that innovation and design are present in the DNA of the brand, there is proof.

Fit for a King

A drink so different and sophisticated soon conquered the palate of the most elegant of the time. And as we are speaking of London, this includes the British Royal Family. That's it. The royalty is identified with both the elegance of the beverage, which Queen Victoria honored Schweppes and became the official supplier of the British Crown mineral water and soda in the Great Exhibition in 1851. The event was held at Crystal Palace in London and had input in the Fountain of Youth, which soon became a symbol of Schweppes and can be seen today in any of their cans.

In 1870, the product line has grown with Schweppes Ginger Ale and Indian Tonic, now known as traditional tonic. At the time, believed that putting a touch of quinine and increasing the carbon dioxide of the formula, they would create a kind of medicine to combat malaria. Unfortunately this was not possible. The Schweppes Tonic malaria has not won, but in return gained the grocery shelves and tables of the most sophisticated restaurants with his light touch bitter. It was another great success of the brand.

Source: www.schweppes.com.br

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Several negative effects

Most soft drinks are based on lemonade type ingredients, citrus, sugar, water, with carbonation. If the manufacturers continued to make them this way, then they'd an ok thirst quencher, after all who thinks lemonade is bad for your health? The problem with modern soft drinks are:
1. High fructose corn syrup used instead of sugar. This ingredient was introduced in the 1980's, at the time "New Coke" was introduced. "New Coke" was a flop, but they didn't go back to the original formula totatlly. Instead they kept using the high fructose corn syrup, instead of cane sugar. This type of syrup-sugar isn't a natural product

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